Preggers Alert!

Nando & Olalla

Looks like Nando’s fiancee Olalla – yes they are now engaged – is preggers.

I’ll let you have a moment to digest this information.

Here’s a pic of the adorable couple on vacation in Monaco for the Valentine’s Day weekend. Jealous yet?


It’s a one-two whammy, Olalla, Nando’s long-time girlfriend, has not only stolen Nando’s heart… permanently…but she’s also going to give birth to his adorable bebes. Lucky girl, lucky girl. But hey, at least she doesn’t fit the typical mold of the gold-digging, tanorexic WAG.

Olalla is from Nando’s home-region, Galicia (my home too, yay!), and has been dating him since they were practically born. Whoever said relationships can’t last past the bootay call stage in the footballing world? Fairy tales do come true dahlings.

Now if only we could score a cute, long-term sweetheart that has the potential to be a millionaire futbolista, and one that’s damn good at futbol as well.

Olalla you know how to pick ’em. Now teach us your secret. Trust me if you write a book thousands would by it.

Potential title: “How to pick a future soccer star while they’re young. A dating guide.”

Congrats to the happy couple! I can’t wait to see the cuteness that will be emitted from this baby. “El Niño” is having a niño, oh my. He’s all grown up, *tear.




One thought on “Preggers Alert!

  1. OOO:

    you kno, hablando de niños.. esta tarde I was checking out this newspaper from England called The Sun and I was shocked when I saw this article saying this teenager boy is a 13 year old dad!! im serious man.. and there was a pic of him and the baby O: shittt xD

    Sooo.. yeaa.. ahora le toco a este niño, aunqueeee.. un poquito mas grande no mas xD

    Congrats to him pues! (I freakin’ love all his outfits lol)

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