Back with a Bang!…

…or should i say, bag?

How have you been lovelies?…Good?… Good!

I’ve been, well, pretty swamped with life in general. It seems like my trabajo has slowly crept over just about every aspect of my life – pushing aside my social life (you know, friends and such) and my very fav things to do, ehm, writing. Who can complain though!

So, with the new year literally just around the corner, and with some precious free time on my hands, I figured, what the heck, BRING ON THE BLOGGING. 2012 = time to get a little ME time in.

Figured I’d kick off my re-delving into the blogosphere with another of my very fav things: bags.

I’ve been swooning over Foley + Corinna’s amazeballs (and super-functional) bag for ages now, sooooo when I got an e-mail about their Disco City bag going on sale for just $99, I swiped that puppy up oh-so-effing fast.

I bought me the adorbs Raspberry (which is currently Out of Stock, womp!):

My little gem finalllllyyy came in the mail, and I rushed to open it to only be a tad (well, at first A LOT) dissappointed:

it’s UBER tiny 😦 

(As you can see ^ in comparison with my current wallet, which basically takes up the entire bag).

Teaches me for “reading” the dimensions before purchasing.

Oh well, it’s still super soft leather, a gorgeous color, and super light. Looks like I’ll just be using it as a going-out-at-night bag.

Maybe I shoulda bought me the Mid City or the Lady City Tote, hmmmm…

So tell me, have you scored any awesome finds lately? Or are you kicking yourself in the arse for a dumb purchase? Spill!



Photos: Foley + Corinna site & my own.


One thought on “Back with a Bang!…

  1. OMG when they first came out with bag I wanna say over 5-6 years ago when the label was still Anna Corrina I did the same exact thing! lol It’s still such an adorable bag. And what a great color you got!

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