Oh, Hello old friend.


Been some time since we last spoke. I know we’ve parted ways for a bit, but I can’t keep you off my mind.  It’s true, a million and one things have kept me busy, and away from you.

But this distance is unbearable and I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, I need you in my life.

I need that feeling of letting go, venting my inner-most feelings, expressing my creativity.

And you, yes you sweetie, allow me to do that.

How could I have let you go for so long?

I promise to never ever let this ridiculous excuse of “not having time” ever come between us again.

I’ve missed you terribly. Have you missed me?

I’ve missed those days spent with you in bed, sipping on a warm delicious cup of coffee, discussing for an endless amount of time our thoughts, our inspirations, our dreams. I miss those days when I came to you for clarity in this chaotic scheme of a world.

I miss those days.

I love you baby.

Don’t ever let me go my dear sweet blog ❤

With all my love and compassion,

Your long lost (but now returned!) blogger,



Photo: formentera, aguamarina y otras cosas


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