Snow Tundra

The East Coast of the States has been pummeled with an insane amount of snow. I’m talking around 2 feet of it. So you can imagine the results.  I woke up this morning (my day off from work) to go straight outside and shovel for 3 hours. Blargggg.

As I told my family, whilst I was bitching, shoveling snow that reached just about near my belly button and getting whipped in the face by a frigid wind:

“I feel like I’m in a SNOW GLOBE.”

The snow is so pretty from inside your toasty home, until you have to go outside and shovel it. Don’t mind my complaining. I’m more content now, hot coffee in hand while I stare at the winter wonderland outside from my kitchen window. After all, being snowed in gives me some time to update my beloved (recently abandoned – forgive me!) blog.

Here’s some images of Spanish model Esther Ca~n~adas (easily recognizable by those lips of hers) from an old issue of Glamour Spain that just oozes warmth. After all that shoveling I just want to lounge around the rest of the day. Sigh, if only to have a roaring fireplace and loads of expensive furry pieces to cuddle up in.

Btw, how was your Christmas loves? Get anything good? Do tell 🙂



Photos: StuddedHearts


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