This is quick post.

I need new shoes. 

I just realized this. 

The temp has plummeted insanely over the past few days.  By insanely I mean like no lie around 40 degrees lower.


All I want to do is slip on thick, ever-so-soft socks and pull furry (shearling) lined booties over my footsies.

The problem is wheereeeee do I find ones that are reasonably priced, comfortable, yet still stylish.


Oh, and yes I know the last pic is of open shoes, which doesn’t make sense with what I’m saying, but I could honestly care less.

They’re cute. So I felt like including. Ok? Ok good.

This wasn’t that quick of a post after all. Oh well.



P.S. I’m very fond of belts, studs, zippers and anything lace-up on boots. It gives booties and extra yummy factor, don’t you think?

Photos: 5 Inch and Up, Jak & Jill

8 thoughts on “This is quick post.

  1. Payless has had some really nice boots recently. Like, really really what is this doing in Payless kind of nice.
    But then, maybe that’s just where I live. Good luck in your shoe-search!

  2. I am with you, girlfriend! It feels like winter here in Michigan today… Thick socks and furry booties sound perfect. I’m on a hunt for affordable pairs! 🙂

  3. I know! The cold came super fast! I have a pair of furry lined booties by Guess. I got them a while ago but if i can find the link I’ll send it to you! Your package is on its way dear!
    xoxox M

    • Ohhhhh nice! You always score amazing finds in shoe-wise!!
      And yayyyy for the package. Will post pix that I took up soon 🙂

    • It’s good for a change. Not sure if I’m looking forward to frigid temps tho!!
      And yes, those are my favvvvvvv. Need to score me some!

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