What’s your secret?

Every girl’s got one.

You know, that extra oomph that takes you from Plain Jane to Glamazon status. 

Whether it’s your fav lipstick, to a spritz of fragrance, to that last swipe of mascara, we all have a secret beauty arsenal up our sleeve (and in our makeup bags).

So, I want to know…What’s your beauty secret?  Fav brands, tricks, tips, etc., all accepted.

Share the wealth in comments. 

And guys, this isn’t just for the ladies, I know you have your beauty secrets as well. Don’t be shy 😉



Photos: Between Peace & Happiness, Fashionising


15 thoughts on “What’s your secret?

  1. I love my Flower by Kenzo perfume and my Revlon Black Cherry-shade lipstick. Even when I don’t wear any other lipstick, I wear those.

  2. OOOO I have SUCH a good one…..but if I tell you…. I’d have to kill you….haha JK. No, but really, it’s a long running joke between my all my friends, co-workers, even my family! I wont reveal my scent! Ppl have tried to get me drunk just so I’d spill the beans! I think I do it because my mom does it too! LOL it’s true we all do have our own little secrets! What funny is that this little scent I wear is really NOTHING special at all! But now everyone wants to know just out of pure curiosity!
    P.S. That Minnie pic is just so damn cute! where did you find that!

  3. I’ve got three secrets:

    1. Red lipstick. Va va voom.
    2. I put concealer on my eyelids. Instant wake up call!
    3. Victoria’s Secret “So in Love,” perfume. I’ve been asked what the scent is or have been told how great I smell whenever I wear it. Without fail.

  4. I have a few beauty secrets to look amazing!

    1. I set my hair in rollers and mist a light spray like Frizz Ease over it before I start doing my make up

    2. I line the inside of my upper and lower lid with black liner

    3. I use 2 coats of Cover Girl lash blast and 1 coat of L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black!

    4. Juicy Tubes lip gloss

    5. Flower Bomb perfume

  5. Gold eyeliner and black mascara. Makes tired eyes look brilliantly awake, and draws attention without looking made-up.

  6. What lovely responses!! I didn’t expect to get so many 🙂
    Great tips, and I actually see a few similarities to my own beauty secrets…I will most likely make a post with mine soon 😉

    Arash, nice to hear from a male’s perspective!! Must get my hands on the Touche Eclat.

    Monique, what an adorable story haha! You’re too cute!

    Thanks so much to all the new readers, will definitely be checking out your blogs ASAP 🙂

  7. Oh & Monique, I found the Minnie pic on Between Peace & Happiness (link on the side)…but I think I got it a whilleeeee back.

    • Very nice. I don’t step outside without eyeliner either!! It’s my one essential beauty trick! That and a swipe of lipgloss!

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