Tuesday Tease: H&M Edition

When it comes to advertisements, it takes a lot to grab my attention.

And by a lot I mean the obvious, you know, ridiculously chic clothing paraded on ridiculously gorgeous models, all highlighted by ridiculously good lighting in a ridiculously breathtaking setting.

I don’t ask for much, no?

Keeping that in mind, I instantly fell for these commercials featuring my favorite male model, Jon Kortajarena.

Yes, I literally stopped in my tracks and was glued to the TV as it played.
It might have been the music that perked my ears, but really now, who can resist Jon’s smirk.

Dios mio!!

Now, where’s the nearest H&M?


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tease: H&M Edition

    • Love the fact that he’s getting so much attention lately. I actually didn’t see the 212 advert until u mentioned it. Thanks!

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