Spanish Fashion: Sfera

As I know you all appreciate fashion as much as I do, I thought I’d introduce you to a European fashion line. Cause what’s better than discovering new brands of clothing? 

Here’s Spanish brand, Sfera.  Think of it as a Spanish Forever 21. This is basically one of my fav, go-to brands while I was in Spain.  It’s perfect for when you’re in a quick fix and need a cheap but chic outfit. 

I’m pleasantly surprised by the styling, lighting and just about everything in the brand’s fall/winter lookbook.  Makes it look much more like a high-end brand to be honest.  (Although I notice the prices got jacked up a bit more, figures).

Tell me, do you like?  What are your fav international brands or new brands you’ve been eyeing?

I’ve added Sfera’s fall/winter accessories  and cute stationary collection (I know, stationary!) after the jump for your viewing pleasure.



Photos: Sfera Canal Oficial Facebook

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