Inspiration Board: Under the sea

Instead of randomly throwing pretty pictures up on my blog, I thought I’d give it a bit more of significance.  Sure, it’s lovely to look at gorgeous pix, but what’s the use if there’s no central point to make sense of it all? 

Rambling? No, no I’m not. You see, I thought I’d start making a series of posts to show what’s currently inspiring me.  Just as editors, designers, stylists, use inspiration boards, I thought, why not?

Here’s the start of my very own inspiration board.  Online.


I’m currently feeling bright pops of color, in never-ending shades of blues and greens.  Take a hint from Proenza Schouler’s SS2010 RTW line.  Such a breath of fresh air, especially now in the mist of so many grays and browns.

What’s currently inspiring you?



Photos: Jak&Jil, Tommy Ton for


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