Your Front Row Seat – NYFW – Sept. 16

Isaac Mizrahi (right, left), Davidelfin (center), Spring 2010 RTW

Ahhhh, the last day of fashion week! It went by so quickly! Hope you got a chance to view some shows online, if not, there’s still a chance to catch one today.  I’m especially excited to view Davidelfin, the Spanish designer who’s known for his one-of-a-kind looks. 


12 p.m. – Isaac Mizrahi – OR

1 p.m. – Davidelfin –

7 p.m. – Naeem Khan –

9 p.m. – IVANAhelsinki – OR

Buh-bye fashion week! It’s been a whirlwind of neverending photos, news, tweets, etc., all revolving around the great love affair we have for a little thing called fashion. 

Don’t lie though, you didn’t mind being bombared by “clothes” at all.  And if you’re like me, you’re currently recovering from a grave addiction: technology.  That bittersweet addition to our lives that not only has brought us closer than ever to the runway, but has left us like mad-men, craving our latest fix.  In my case, I blame twitter, and it’s second-by-second updates, that had me glued to my blackberry, hitting refresh like a fiend, just to get that necessary dose of straight-off-the-runway pix/reviews/deets.  Add on top of that the ability to view the shows live sitting on our couches at home, and you’ve got a world-wide frenzy in the making…

…Don’t you love it?!


Now excuse me as I click through the slideshows on (Psstttt…they added a new feature where you can actually see each look as it was featured in the show, in motion, aka model walking down the runway. Repeat after me people. Technology. Technology. Technologyyyyy).

Obsession? What obsession?


Info: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,   

Photos: Originals taken from Edited by me. 


7 thoughts on “Your Front Row Seat – NYFW – Sept. 16

  1. haha omg you crack me up! We are most definitely obsessed with technology. We def wouldn’t survive without it! This week was great being able to have updates at our finger tips! Thanks to your great posts its been all in one spot too!!
    xoxo M

    • Aww ur too sweet!! No prob babe, always try to share the love! Ahh & I know. Fashion week always gets me hooked to technology. Thought I would get a break but now fashion week starts in London & Madrid! o_o haha

    • Uyyyyy gracias a TI x tu comment 🙂
      Q suerte encontrar botas tan monas ahi! Tengo q encontrarme unas aqui, y un satchel como el tuyo tambien!!

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