Current Style Inspiration

I always tend to look to the streets to see what’s currently “in”.  Sure, high-fashion and all its glitz and glamour is a good starting point for inspiration, but let’s get serious now…who actually wears the looks straight off the runway, piece-by-piece, exactly as they are?  It’s best to add your take on things and mix it up a bit.  After all, the clothes you wear are an expression of yourself; you don’t want to be just an end-product of big designer labels now, do you?

Getting to my point, I do have an obsession with fashion blogs.  Especially those blogs that show how the bloggers mix and match high-end to decently priced items into a banging look that’s all their own.

One of my fav bloggers?  Andy from Style Scrapbook.  Yes I know, she’s impeccably tall and thin, resembling more a model than your average girl. But she’s far too adorable to not love. Oh, and did I mention she’s a native Spanish speaker? (She’s Mexican). Bonus points in my book.

From her current posts, I am beyond obsessed with this look.  This is basically how I want to look this Fall: leather jacket & bag, killer boots, one-of-a-kind tops, statement jewelry, right down to the perfect shade of nail polish. Just substitute the shorts for jeggings to make it cold weather appropriate.

 Btw, isn’t the shirt ridiculous?! Where can I get me one?

Oh, and for similar boots, I’ve found these at Forever 21, at a price that’s definitely a steal.  Just $32.80, who wouldn’t get these Chloe knockoffs? Now to run off to the nearest F21, stat!

So, tell me, do you like?  Who are your fav bloggers? (Besides me of course, haaaaa!)



Photos: Originals from StyleScrapbook, Forever 21. Edited by yours truly.


5 thoughts on “Current Style Inspiration

  1. She has such amazing style! I don’t follow that many style blogs (most of the fashion blogs I follow are “general fashion” or industry-related), but I love checking out what other people online are wearing. You should definitely get those boots, too — they’re awesome!

    • Thankx!! I’m going to try to! Never got any shoes from F21 so I don’t know how they are quality-wise, but they’re too good to pass up!! Especially since I loooveee the Chloe originals that she’s wearing! Lookbook & Chictopia are great sources for inspiration to (which you probably know about already!) 🙂

  2. A genuinely excellent publish by you my friend. I’ve bookmarked this page and will occur back following several days to examine for any new posts which you make.

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