Transitional pieces


There’s nothing like a gloomy summer day to distort your daily outfit selection.  The typical summery dresses paired with sandals won’t do, yet it’s far too humid to throw on a jacket to shield yourself from the inclemencies.  What’s a fashionable girl to do?  Take a hint from Burberry’s S2010 collection.  It’s all about transitional pieces.  You know, those little add-ons that can stretch out a summer wardrobe far into the crisp Autumn months.

Here are a few transitional pieces that I’m thinking about incorporating into my late August – early September outfits:

1. Socks & Sandals. Yes, I know, it seems like something a typical American tourist would be ridiculed for doing overseas, but this is the far chic-er alternative.  Think of sky-scraper heels and wedges paired with a delicate nude or gray sock.  Bonus factor: if you’re like me, this prevents those painful blisters that are all-too-common during those summer months.

2. Paper-thin sweaters.  Perfect for battling those un-godly air conditioner temps, or for when Mother Nature is PMSing big time, like today.  Throw it on when a crisp breeze passes.  Take it off and shove it in your over-sized bag when the heat becomes unbearable. Simple.

3. Breathable slouchy pants & reliable leggings.  Warmer than shorts, yet lighter than your trusty jeans.  My fav part about leggings?  Slap them on under your favorite summer dress/shirt-dress and you’re set.  Much more comfy than tights.

So tell me, what are your favorite transitional pieces to glide into the early Fall months?  Do you have any fashion tips for chilly/stormy weather? I’m listening.



P.S. Are you as obsessed of Burberry as I am lately? Bless you Christopher Bailey. And yes, I do realize that these are pix from the S2010 collection. But I really don’t put a seasonal label on good clothes.

Photos: Compiled by me from and ej!

2 thoughts on “Transitional pieces

  1. I love the socks trend. I am so going to the mall and buying a billion pairs of thigh-highs in every shade of gray imaginable….

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