Karl I love thee…

…for providing us with this:

Crystal Renn and Baptiste Giabiconi in one ad, is just…too much.

I’m not the only one overwhelmed by the gorgeousity involved in this.  Crystal was also left speechless just by being in Baptiste’s presence.

“He is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen hands down,” Renn gushes. “I remember being on set and trying not to stare but staring at him methodically nonetheless to try to figure out how perfection in a male looks. It’s insane when you look at him. ”- Taken from fashionista.com

Well put.

As for the Chanel ad itself, it was taken in Paris a few months ago by the master Karl Lagerfeld himself.  Karl asked the two models to “envision themselves as lovers in a glamorous movie.”

Paris, Chanel, and Baptiste….some girls have all the fun.

So tell me, do you like?



Photo & Quotes taken from: Fashionista.com

3 thoughts on “Karl I love thee…

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  2. Ah, I am so much more jealous of Crystal now 🙂 She gets the gorgeous clothes, gorgeous places, gorgeous people… and, of course, she’s stunning.

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