And I have an addiction.

These are just a few of the magazines I bought in Spain. Well, the fashion ones at least…..yes, yes I did buy loads of gossip mags, I admit it (Cuore, Que Me Dices, Diez Minutos, and Hola! just to name a few). I also managed to pick up ELLE in Portugal.

As promised, I shall be uploading scans of the fashion editorials periodically so as not to bore you; cause I’m considerate like that 😉

I also got my hands on THIS while I was in Spain:

Yup, my other guilty pleasure: futbol/soccer/football, specifically my loves the Spanish National Team.

Oh, and I came home to a stack of lovely August & September (yay!) issues of my fav American fashion mags, which I won’t upload a pic of the covers, cause, yeahhhh… that would be pointless.

Let’s just say I have a lot of reading to do.

So what mags would you like me to upload scans of ASAP?  Are there any spreads from American September issues that you are currently loving?



P.S. In LOVE with the Julia Roberts/Javier Bardem subscriber’s cover of ELLE’s September issue. Did you guys see it?


3 thoughts on “And I have an addiction.

  1. Ah, I still have to get my September issues… I only ever get American Vogue and Vogue Paris, but last time I checked the latter wasn’t out — do you know if it is now?

    • No idea!! I’m assuming so since the Spanish one was just about to go out when I left. Where do you get Vogue Paris? Or are you subscribed?

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