I’m back

Long time no update.

I know I know. Please do forgive me. You must understand that I was away in Spain, soaking up the sun, sipping on Sangria/vino and basking in the fact that we FINALLY became World Champs in futbol. (Ahhhhh!! :D!!!!) Oh, and I also did a brief side-trip to Portugal.  (I’ll most likely be posting up some pix of my vacation soon).

So how has your summer been loves? Any interesting trips? Or more importantly, any splurges you want to brag about? Do tell.

As for me, I have massive unpacking to do.

And not to worry, plenty of updates to come, with spotlights on Spanish brands and scans of mags from the motherland.

Hasta pronto!



Photo: Taken from one of the bazillion blogs I have on my GoogleReader. Which one, I’m not exactly sure of, bare with me.


6 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Um, I found a “free store” in Brooklyn? You can read about it here: http://bit.ly/c3uRIz ? (Sorry slightly shameless plug here lol)

    Anyway can’t wait for your pictures of your trip! Me encanta las ciudades del pais y me gusta mucho viajar a Portugal!

  2. Yayyy! Love articles/posts like these! Oooohh and I see you got a new blog…I’ll add u to my blogroll haha.

    Have you been to Spain & Portugal?! Sigh I miss it so much already.

  3. I’ve been to Spain – Madrid for a few days (boo); Toledo for an afternoon; Granada for a weekend; Barcelona for another weekend (double boo); Valencia for a day (sigh); and Alicante, where I spent most of my time studying Spanish, sunbathing, and partying lol. And when I mentioned Portugal, I meant “en el futuro” lol. It’s on my list though…

    • Que suerte!! I’ve been to all those except for Alicante & Barcelona. I actually lived in Madrid for a while studying! Ahh & u should def. go to Portugal in the future. It’s absolutely beautiful!! Plus it has yummy food haha.

  4. Yay, you’re back! I’ve missed you and your posts 🙂 Oh, you have to tell us about your vacation — and I forget, but does Spain have its own Vogue?

    • Yayyyy!! It’s good to know people appreciate me & my posts 🙂 Yes of course we do! Plus usually they put out special Beauty issues that come with the regular Vogue. I’ll def. be putting up scans 😉

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