The Brains and the Beauty

Mamen Sanz, wifie of Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez, appears with her 5 kids (yeah that’s right, she gave birth to all 5 gorgeousities…is that even a word?) in the new Spanish issue of ELLE.  Not only is she married to Raul, but she’s drop-dead-gorgeous, and oh, did we mention she just got her degree in Children’s Education?  The whole package right here.

Yo go girl.

Btw, there are rumors that the family will be moving to NYC with a possible transfer of Raul from Spanish giants Real Madrid to the Red Bulls here state side. The family’s little getaway to the Big Apple recently just added fuel to the fire.

Don’t do itttttt!! (Yes, I know, I’m being partial to him staying in Real Madrid, cause, well obviously I love my Real Madrid).

What do you think of Mamen?  It’s only normal to be a tad jealous of this woman.



Photos via: EuropaPress


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