Sun Soaked Siren

Have you been watching the World Cup games?! Well you should. ESPECIALLY tomorrow, when my boys Spain debut against Switzerland at 10 in the morning. Set your alarms kiddies, the European Champs are going to take the World’s stage.

Anyways, yes I know, I’ve been rambling about soccer, futbol, the World Cup, etc, lately, but I mean do you blame me?  It’s only the world’s biggest tournament.

Getting back to the fashion front, I was mesmerized by Blake Lively’s cover of Vogue for this month.  Can we say blonde bombshell?  Love her or hate her, you have to admit, the girl’s got a slammin’ bod.

Hot dayum.  If this isn’t inspiration to hit the gym before slipping into a bikini I don’t know what is.

Oh, and yeah, I won’t talk here about Vogue’s supposed shrinkage of Blake’s curves. But you can see pix of comparisons and read up on it here.

I have a sudden urge to hit up the beach, piña colada in hand, salt water glistening on my skin and hair whilst being surrounded by hunky surf-boarders….



Photos via: The Huffington Post

2 thoughts on “Sun Soaked Siren

  1. Though this has definitely got me wanting to hit the beach, I must say that I’d rather be surrounded by a bunch of hot soccer players than hunky surfboarders… 🙂 Good luck to Spain!

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