Eye Candy, World Cup Edition: Italia

I know we all love our daily dose of eye candy, and seeing as the World Cup starts TOMORROW  (Yes, that’s right, t o m o r r o w)…I thought it would be a fabulous idea to provide the desired goods. Aka delish ballers showing off what their mama gave them.

Brilliant idea, no?

Anywayssss, here’s a taste of Italy.  Their captain “Il Bello” Cannavaro above, and bad-boy Marco Borriello below.

Mama mia!!

Do you like??

**Updation!!** One more pic of Marco for your viewing pleasure:



Photos via: GQ Italia, & Kickette



3 thoughts on “Eye Candy, World Cup Edition: Italia

  1. Mmn 🙂 While the Italian team does provide some nice eye candy, I’ve got to say that my cheers are still with Nigeria.

    • Aww thankx!! I actually bought this issue of VF just for this reason! The article that goes along with it is pretty well written as well.

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