Recently (well for about the past year or so…) I’ve been getting more and more into makeup.  It used to be just about nail polish, but now it’s expanded to lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascara and my staple, eyeliner.  Believe me, I can be in Sephora for hours, and the makeup counter has become basically my fav section of any major store (right after the purse section of course!).

My favorite feature to play up is the eyes.  I tend to gravitate more towards metallic colors.  The effect that bronze/gold eyeshadow has on my lids is mystical; it really makes my brown eyes pop.  This is my basic go-to when going out at night (that or rocking a bold red lip, yes, I love the dramatic, in-your-face, diva style).

To complement my ever-growing love of stardusted/shimmery eyes, I definitely want to buy a shadow from M.A.C.  Their makeup tends to be bold and highly pigmented (meaning a little can go a long way andddd last a long time, aka the more bang for your buck).  Check out their selection here.

Also, have you heard of Topshop’s new makeup line? I really realllyyyy want to try out their “Sun Shower” and “Midnight” crayons after watching these videos:

What are your favorite makeup trends?  Are you excited about any new lines? Do you have any fav brands?

Spill it!



P.S. Just bought an “Eye Pen” at H&M yesterday in “Taupe.” Love how it looks on my skin when I tested it out. Let’s see how it stands up on a night out ;]

Photo: Fashion Chalet


2 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. I love eye makeup! Apart from nailpolish and lipstick, it’s the only makeup I ever wear. I’m always a fan of the classic “smoky eye” look…. my fav brand, I think, is smashbox. They were the first I ever used, ever since my first trip to Sephora 🙂

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