Lazy Afternoon

It’s hot/sticky days like this when all you want to do is lounge around on cumfy pillows, on a porch, somewhere lakeside, with a calm breeze gently caressing your face……Yeah….. Since I don’t have that right now, I’ll just stick to lazily bumming it on my couch, blasting the AC and watching pre-World Cup friendly games (btw only a few more days for the Mundial…are you pumped?!).

Oh, & I’ve noticed that lately all I’ve been wearing are feather-light shirt dresses and espadrilles in this 90+ degrees weather.  Which reminds me I need to buy more dresses for the summertime….

How are you beating the heat lovelies?  What’s your go-to outfit in this unbearable heat?



P.S. Yes, the ring that girl is wearing is the YSL one I mentioned in my previous post. *drool

Photos via: Late Afternoon


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