Current lust: YSL Arty Oval Ring

It’s so so pretty.  I love me some funky, bold, eye-catching rings.  My fav are the coral and robin’s egg colored.  And at only $195 for a piece of YSL I’d be willing to splurge….If only they weren’t sold out.


Buttttt they’re still available in a few other colors, here.  Hmmmmm, insanely early bday present anyone??

YSL is def stepping up their game lately in the ring/jewelry department.  As if they needed to improve…they just outdid themselves.  Exquisite pieces of fine jewelry at reasonable prices.  Count me in.

Do you like?



Photos via: Stardust & Sequins, Net-a-porter, Chictopia

11 thoughts on “Current lust: YSL Arty Oval Ring

    • Haha I knoooowww. Ahhhh now just to have the $$ to buy them all.
      Thanks for the comment!! =)
      xoxo ❤

  1. I love these! I would love them even more if they came in silver, though (I’m a huge fan of silver jewelry)…. I agree, the robin’s-egg-blue one is exquisite! I wish that I had $200 to spend on a ring.

    • I went through a realllyyyy long stage where I was only into silver jewelry too. I’m kind of getting more and more into gold though. There’s something so rich about it.
      Actually, I do think they make the new versions in silver (or maybe it’s white gold)….if you click the link above and scroll down and click on the “fuchsia” one. Very lovely indeed.

    • Thankx for the comment!!
      Ahhhh I know, me too!! *pout
      It’s like a long-lasting crush I have with it.

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