Oh My Gaga

Gaga & her studded Hermes Birkin bag = ferrrooosshhhh.



Do you like??

Oh and let’s not get started on the shoes. That is a whole other level of fierce-ness.  I just want to know how she walks in them.

(Do try to ignore the gray hair Gaga is rocking, you know she can be quite….eccentric…but that’s why I love her crazy self).



Photo: TheFashionSpot


9 thoughts on “Oh My Gaga

  1. OHMIGOD I want those shoes. I’m not a fan of the purse (sorry!) only because I don’t like huge bags, but I love the studs.

    • Haha it’s ok…I’m actually a bigger fan of purses than shoes myself (and I tend to like largggeeee/ginormous bags where I can carry everything in them).
      Love the rocker edge the studs gives to an ultra chic and classic bag as the Birkin.

    • I actually haven’t had the chance to get into Glee but I heard about the Gaga episode!! How was it?? I bet amazing. I’ll def try to catch it online =)

  2. Hi, I enjoy everything Louis Vuitton or anything fashion for that matter! I was browsing the web for some new louis vuitton luxury items and I found this site. This is a great article and I wanted to post a comment to let you know, great job! Thanks Lisa

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    • I know, aren’t they insane?!
      Ahhhh lucky girl, I’ll try and see if I can snag it as well. Thanks so much!! Will def. continue reading your blog as well =)

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