Summer uniform

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What’s your summer uniform? You know, the outfit you always resort to whether it’s to run a few errands done or to meet up for a few drinks with the girls.  I want to gravitate towards something like Alex Gerrard (wifie of British soccer player Steven Gerrard) this summer.  A crisp white blazer, skinny jeans, bold tank top or tee all topped off with killer wedges, a statement bag and classic aviators.  Now all I need is the extra $$ to get me a pair of Miu Miu’s and that covetable Alexander Wang Rocco Studded bag. *swoon

So tell me, what are your summer staples?  Who’s style do you admire?

Spill it.



Photo: Collage made by me on Polyvore, and via


16 thoughts on “Summer uniform

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  2. My summer uniform is having an identity crisis, as most of my summer clothes are too big now… but what I would usually wear is something short, be it a dress or skirt or shorts, a light and baggy T-shirt, wedge sandals, and lots of random silver jewelry 🙂

    • Very cute approach to summer fashion!
      I love to pile on the jewelry too. Silver accessories especially look good on freshly tanned skin 😉

    • I know right! It’s such a fresh alternative to a black/navy blazer, which is like my staple during the colder months.

      Thanks for the blogroll add babe!!

    • Thanks for the comment! Always love getting feedback! Def. will follow your blog, do the same pretty please ^_^

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I love new readers =)
      And yessss, def. love me long necklaces! Will check out your blog as well!

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