Muse Status

I love browsing endlessly through fashion blogs.  They’re a huge source of inspiration for me;  from the insane personal style, to the up-to-date news to the gorgeous photos.

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Gemma Rowlands from FadetoBlack.  Not only does she have sick hippie-esque style, but she’s super talented in a creative sense and is gorgeous on top of that.

Totes jealz.

Who are your fav bloggers/sources of inspiration/muses? (Besides me of course….Haaaaaaaaa!)



P.S. I want a pair of glasses like that. Yes. Been craving them foreveeeerrr.


4 thoughts on “Muse Status

  1. Personally, I lovee going on for ideas. Millions of people contribute so there is such a wide variety of styles and themes. Ahh. Thanks for the link though, I’ll definitely check her out 😉

    • Thankx for the comment!
      Love LookBook! Street fashion pix are a fav of mine. I get loads of ideas for future outfits/where to shop from them. You should also check out, it’s really similar and equally as amazing.

  2. I spend so much time fashion-blog-browsing, it’s not even funny. As in, I’m going to start having a serious procrastination problem soon. But one of my favorite sites to peruse is . She has an English version, too.

    • Same happens to me! Never get tired of getting my fashion blog fix. Pandora is one of my all time favs as well! Just like They actually do blog post collaborations. French bloggers tend to have impeccable taste.
      Thankx for the comment! I love getting feedback from my readers =)

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