Oh honey, lighten up!

Those who know me knooooww that it’s absolutely rare for to go au naturel with my nails.  They’re always painted a bright red, brown, gray, or black.  For this time of year those colors look, well, a little harsh.  Recently I’ve started lightening up my nail polish, cause we all know Spring is the right time for change.

My first experimentation this Spring? I dived right into Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, and I loved every second of it.

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple,$3.40!! on Amazon.com

Soon after I found this cute bubble gum pink at my local Rite Aid.  Yet I still wanted something that could substitute (at least temporarily) my go-to staple: red nail polish (in my case, Essie’s “Turning Heads Red“).  The solution? OPI’s “On Collins Ave,” it’s this bright coral color with a slight tint of tangerine. Perfecttttttion.  I can’t stop looking down at my nails as I type this. It’s addicting, I know.

OPI’s “On Collins Ave,” $2.37!!!! on Amazon.com

Now to substitute my trusty OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques”….hmmmmm….I think my next buy will definitely have to be OPI’s “Done Out in Deco.”

OPI’s “Done Out in Deco,” $5.47 on Amazon.com

Having a tough time trying to decide what new color you should add to your collection?  OPI.com has a cute “Nail Studio” where you can play around with shades on a customizable virtual hand. Cool, no?

What nail trends are you looking to try out this Spring/Summer? Do tell.



P.S. Yes I know I talk a lot about OPI here….it is my fav brand of nail polish, as it gives the most bang for your buck (quality – aka chippage factor-, quantity for price) what can I say. And no, I’m not sponsored by them in any way, shape or form.

P.P.S. How amazing is that cross ring in the first pic?!  It’s actually from Forever 21 and I’ve been searching for it for agessss. If any of you know where I can score it near/in NYC I would greatly appreciate it!! Sadly, the Forever 21 I always go to didn’t have a collection of jewelry when I last checked. Boo.

Photos: Amazon, EjEjEj

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