Decisions. Decisions.

Vogue Germany. May 2010.

Hair porn.

I’ve been toying with the idea of what to do with my hair. I have naturally really really thick, dark brown, curly hair.  During the summer when I go back to Spain to visit the familia I get the usual layered cut around shoulder length. (Yes, I know, just during the summer, I don’t trust any hairdressers here, plus it’s way cheaper in Spain, haaa).  I just started adding natural bronze-ish colored highlights about two summers ago and I really love it, makes it look like the natural glow I get after going to the beach.

Nowwwwww let’s get to the point. The thing is I’ve been wondering: should I just trim, or chop it to shoulders/above-shoulder length?  Currently my hair is super long, well at least for me. Think boob-length.  And I kind of like it.  Like a lot.  But summer does call for change, no?

To cut or not to cut, that is the question….I’m in a dilemma. Help!  Opinions? Thoughts?



Photos via: Studded Hearts

3 thoughts on “Decisions. Decisions.

    • thankx so much! appreciate all the comments/feedback I get! =)
      are u following me on twitter? what’s ur name on there?

  1. Life is change. If you want some change start with hair. I think short bob is very nice and modern woman hairstyle and good for summer. Don´t fear of it and don´t forget place the photos before, during and after your haircut. Just to be brave! Hair grows always back.

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