Taking applications for personal assistant

Mrs. Beckham is in NYC. You know what that means: shopping, shopping and more shopping.  Now, I’m not just talking about the typical Birkin bag or Christian Louboutin splurging, no no no, it’s much more than that…I’m talking about getting down to business, making a stop to the local Whole Foods.  Of course, in typical VB fashion, the girl couldn’t go alone. Who would hold her grocery basket and umbrella?

Personal assistants are a necessary accessory. Just like some new bling or pair of pricey designer shades, you know you’ve made it when you have an assistant to take care of all the menial little things that can ruin one’s fresh manicure.  Take notes girls.

For now, I will be currently accepting applications for a personal assistant…..maybe….give me a few years.

In other news, Victoria stopped at Diane von Furstenberg’s showroom to meet the legendary DVF herself.  Got to give V props for her outfit; yet what else is new?

What else did Victoria do on her trip to NYC? Hit up the Isabel Marant store in Soho with her oh-so-fine hubby.

What kills me most?  It’s not the fact that her man still looks ridiculously good even with that robot-like thing on his leg, nope, it’s the fact that I was bopping from one store to another yesterday in Soho around the same time they were. I was in the same vicinity as the Beckhams.  I missed seeing the Beckhams. Lovely. Now excuse me while I take a few seconds to let this sink in….



Photos: Zimbio.com, Kickette.com


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