Sometimes I wish I was as tall as a model. You know, rock that 5’10” frame and be able to walk into a room and demand attention, just from my sheer stature. I guess every girl that doesn’t cross the 5’5″ line feels this way at some point in time.  Why you ask? Like…ok, let’s get to it. It’s hard to reach certain things (go ahead and chuckle, but you try doing a simple thing as grabbing a water bottle from the top shelf at the super market).  I feel like taller people feel more powerful, as they tower above the rest of the population. What? You don’t think so? Well, explain to me why girls wear ginormous heels, especially the insane platforms that are trendy now.  It’s true, the higher the heel, the higher your confidence gets boosted.

I realized how amazing it would be to be tall even more when I went shopping the other day with my friend who is around 5’10” (I’m 5’4″ish mind you….yes the “ish” counts…as I’m basically 5’5″).  Of course there would be loads and loads of maxi dresses….which I have always curiously leaned towards, put could never possibly pull off as I would be devoured underneath all that fabric of a dress.  I told her that she must get one for summer time. Must. The look of a long, flowy or clingy dress on an elegantly tall woman is insanely gorgeous. Just take Daria Werbowy above in Vogue Paris as an example. Effortlessly chic.

Fuck it. I might as well get a similar dress for myself. I love my height to be honest. It’s cute and suits me…..

Now….all I need is an insane pair of wedge sandals and I’m set. Haaaa.

What do you think loves? Are you happy with your height? Do you love or hate the maxi dress and/or platform heels trend?

Tell me.



Photo: FrenchFrosting


6 thoughts on “Glamazon

  1. I’m 5’6, and sometimes I like it and other times I don’t. I’m not really sure why. I guess it’s because some of my friends are shorter than me, so I feel like a giant next to them (depending on their height, of course) and then other times I’m okay with my height because I’m the average or something, as well as some of my friends are taller than me. haha Sorry it’s such a long comment.

    • Definitely know what you mean. It’s human nature to want to improve in some aspect. The whole argument, or moral if you may, of this post is that we should all be happy with who we are. Accept ourselves entirely…shortie and all haha.
      And I love your comment! No comment is too short or too long. No worries =]

  2. This was such a sweet post Lore. To be honest, I love being tall, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love being short because that’s cute, too!

    The ONLY problem I have with being tall is finding a tall enough boy for me! jaja..but aside from that, i think it’s shmexy.

    Anywho, I loved this post nena, keep doing what you’re doing<3

    • Thankx love! Agreed, being short orrrr being tall can present its problems. We just have to love ourselves for what we are!
      And gracciiiiiassss. I shall!!

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