Un-tamed/Instinto Indomable

I’ve been playing with the idea of embracing my inner diva. You know, let the wild girl out.  I’ve always been outgoing and sociable, so it’s not that.  The diva is more of a kick-ass attitude. The girl who is strong, courageous, and indomitable.  The one who fights for what she wants and doesn’t let anyone trample over her, her dreams, or what she loves most.  I think every girl has a bit of diva inside them, it’s just hiding, unseen to the public.  Ignite that fire, you know it’s slowly smoldering beneath those embers.  Go wild.  Be free.

This photoshoot from V Magazine Spain embodies this spirit fully.  Who wouldn’t let loose wearing Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens and John Galliano?

In my case, it’s time to let down my naturally wild curls and bust out that vampy red lipstick.

Are you with me?



Photos: FashionGoneRogue


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