Easter Break


Ahhh the holidays, a reason to take a break from a hectic schedule, reunite with family and…go shopping, I mean, what else is there to do, right?

Out in their ever-so-fashionable sense, proud parents Fernando Torres (soccer player for Liverpool, striker for the Spanish Selection, and part-time model, obvviouusslyyy) and Olalla Dominguez were seen out today in Madrid popping in and out of stores.  Of course they brought their daughter Nora on hand to do a bit of showing off.

I have to say, Olalla looks like a hawt mama. Having her baby what seemed like yesterday and already looking that damn good. Props. Mad props.  Proof that just because your a mama, doesn’t mean all fashion sense needs to be lost.

And daddy? Well daddy is looking finnnneeeeeee. But did we expect anything less? Thought so.



P.S. Are those little pink converse I see on Nora? Cuteness overload!

Photos: Celebrity-Gossip.net

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