Business Chic

I want this suit. No. I need this suit. Scratch that. I need this whole outfit.

Take it from me, I’m not much of a suit girl to begin with.  Usually they seem highly pretentious, stuffy, and uptight. But when I spotted this Giambattista Valli suit worn so effortlessly well on Garance Dore’s blog….well, let’s just say, I’m a changed woman.  I promise to no longer turn down a suit for the mere fact that…it’s a suit. But then again, my standards have obviously been raised in the business attire category.

Now, where can I buy something similar for wayyyy less? Hmmmm…

Btw, it takes a hell of a woman to pull off standard men’s attire yet still have this feminine grace about her. Well done Astrid Muñoz. Well done.



Photo: GaranceDore.Fr

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