It’s Love

I think it’s time we bring back a bit of the soccer posts, no? And by soccer, of course I do mean a dose of hot ballers, their gorgeous wives, and the lavish lifestyle they lead. *swoon

Spotted taking a stroll was Brit couple Steven and Alex Gerrard.  Known to be up-to-date on the trends, Alex was wearing a strong-shouldered miliary inspired blazer dealy (cute) and clogs (*shiver, don’t think I’m all for this farmer-esque trend). Not too in love with her choice of purse (in my opinion, skulls are for Halloween, or only if you’re into that whole punk thing).  Speaking of the perfect accessory *ehm a hot baller husband*…what bout the hubby you say? Well, he’s just adorable, isn’t he?…Let’s leave it at that.

Comments? Thoughts on the outfits? Perhaps I’m being too snarky. I mean, they do werq their outfits, I’ll give them that. A change of accessories/shoes is in desperate need though.  Don’t worry Alex, I’ll be your shopping buddy. Just as long as Stevie comes along.



Photo: Kickette

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