Fashion via Tweet

The latest in getting your fashion fix? Following your favorite fashionistas on Twitter but of course.

All during fashion week, I was glued to Twitter on my Blackberry, constantly pressing “refresh” to get the latest gossip from backstage, to the details about the atmosphere of the show, to the freshest pix straight from the runway.  To get updated instantaneously via a social network allows one to feel as if you’re right there, with all the VIP privileges such as sitting front row at your fav designers’ shows.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to get minute-by-minute updates, no, scratch that…more like second-by-second updates?  Life in this day and age is a super fast-lane dahlings. One in which us fashion-obsessed bloggers aren’t willing to do such things as wait for to upload the latest runway show pix. I mean really now. (Please do note my light-hearted tone, as I do not intend to be serious at all….or do I? hmmmm…)

So, rather than bombard you with runway pix that you can easily find by going to well-known fashion resources (,, etc.), I thought I’d gather up some of my fav Twitpics, starting with the brilliant Joe Zee (Creative Director at ELLE!).



P.S. Please do follow him, as he’s utterly uh-may-zing if I do say so myself. @mrjoezee

P.P.S. As I was going over this post I got to thinking…Kind of makes you want to start fashion blogging, tweeting (?), no? All you need is a smartphone with internet access, quick reflexes to snap pix and an innate sense of style.

And that caused me to get even more philosophical about the state of media today….

Is this where fashion reporting is heading (or any reporting on that matter)? Or is it just a passing fad?

Does the journalist today have to be multi-skilled and adept in social media platforms, willing to take on numerous duties at once (that of a photographer, technician, writer, editor)? Or will nothing beat good ol’ print media?

I feel like this is an endless debate, but I would love to hear your opinions. What do you think?? If anything, feel free to comment on the pix/clothes.

Photos: compiled from @mrjoezee ; Cropped, edited by me.

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