Voyage in time

My favvvvvvv <3!!

“A light in the darkness. In Alexander McQueen’s final collection, medieval influences transformed into calm, poetic beauty” –

Alexander McQueen’s last collection was shown in Paris yesterday.  The entire collection of 16 pieces was 80% done at the time of his passing.

A complete opposition to his futuristic Spring ’10 collection, McQueen resorted to a more romantic and medieval sense of beauty.  A beauty that had a slight religious feel to it, making the pieces themselves feel utterly more divine.  McQueen is unparalleled in giving us an escape from the mundane everyday life, having the ability to transport us to the future, back in time, to another dimension and to the fairytale books of our childhood; sometimes doing this all at the same time.

This collection has to be one of my all time favs of his. And no, it’s not just because it’s his last. I am a true “lady” at heart, and seeing such works of art (art that’s akin to those you’d see only in high-scale museums and art books beaming with cherubs and godly figures) sewn together in such a magnificent matter truly brings tears to my eyes. He was so so gifted and his talent shall be missed.



The rest of his collection after the jump….


7 thoughts on “Voyage in time

  1. Lorena! I love this! And your fav. def takes the cake! it’s gorg! The whole collection is beautiful! Oh & you write a mean blog 😉

  2. There are no words that accurately describe Alexander McQueen’s last collection and I don’t want to use “love” because it’s so cliche. Everyone loves everything. This is beyond love. This transcends love. This is something else entirely. This collection speaks. I can hear it mumbling, talking, singing, saying something that I can’t quite understand. Like McQueen is speaking from the grave. I wonder if his suicide was planned? I wonder if his fate is hidden in this folds and pleats and patterns?

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