Zac Posen on the “cheap”

Click on image to shop look!!

Click on image to shop look!!

Fan of Zac Posen?( I mean, who isn’t after all?)  Well you’re in luck!! Now you can get a Posen for thousands less.

How so, you ask? Posen has unleashed his new line Z Spoke which is available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and The line, who’s price point ranges from $78 for a cotton tank to $675 for a stretch dress, is far more recession friendly than his typical high-fashion gowns, which are known to reach up to $20,000 for a custom-made piece. Z Spoke may not be a line us college-grad/college-aged students can pay for, but hey, I guess it’s something more attainable than shelling out 20k for a dress. Good for you Posen for keeping the recession in mind.

But just because the line is “on-the-cheap,” don’t think this is a typical water-downed version of high designer fashion (a la Target lines as of late). As Posen explains, this is an entirely different line devoted to an entirely different audience:

“The dresses — that’s something I can do with my eyes closed. This is about a new identity.” His inspiration board is full of downtown imagery such as beaten-up Nike Dunks and a shot of Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle. A palette of neutrals with ample pops of kelly green, pink and red gives the clothes a retro vibe, or an “urban hipster quality” as Posen puts it, adding he could see these styles on a Lower East Side girl. (

Oh and another positive? It’s made with the curvy girl in mind. Z Spoke runs up to size 14 for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and will go up to size 16 in the line’s Fall 2010 collection. (Typically, his runway pieces go up to size 12).

“I think it’s about women feeling comfortable and embracing their bodies. As a designer, that’s always been my philosophy.” (

“It’s a dream of my life to be able to make a collection that can work for so many different kinds of women,” he told us. “This is about dressing America.” (

Bravo Posen: Cheaper duds, and keeping the “normal” woman in mind…..I mean, isn’t that what all designers should do in the first place?

What matters is: Will you be buying?



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