Stylists are a wonderful thing…

…as is in Iker Casillas’ case. His sizzle factor sky-rockets when wearing the right clothes, don’t you think?  (We all know that this is a very rare predicament, as our beloved Ik is known for his…um, interesting sense of style).

Now let me be quiet and let you enjoy the following pix…

*clicky clicky to enjoy max hotness factor*

Is it just me…or is it getting hot in here?

Oh and just the deets about this photoshoot: It’s for Spain’s FHM, which is known for choosing top sexy-fine athletes for its covers, rather than girls in their skivvies. Very well done indeed.

And translation of the cover: Iker Casillas, El Mejor Portero del Mundo. Y un modelo bastante apañado, por cierto. Iker Casillas, The Best Goalie in the World. And a very skilled model by the way. (Better words couldn’t be spoken. *sigh)

Now excuse me while I go take a cold shower.





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