NYFW Round-up: Day 2 & 3

Best collections (in my opinion) of Days 2 & 3:


Clearly going for the schoolgirl vibe; complete with to-the-knee/thigh-high socks, berets, skirts, and that disgusting jumper dress thing that reminds me of my youth. *shiver… Either take it, or leave it.

Hawt (The Good):

The outerwear had to be the strong point of this collection.

Horrid (The Bad):

Literally looking like the school uniform of some prep-ster grammar/high school. Seriously now, this looks EXACTLY like what I wore in grammar school (on the right) and in my all-girls (yes, I know…) Catholic high school (on the left).

Leather, in all the wrong places, shapes, and forms. If you were trying to go for a bad-girl vibe…it’s so not working for me.

Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

Flapper gone wrong. Floral print jacket….I don’t even think those words should go in the same sentence. The picture below proves my point even further.


Oh Yigal. You are simply marvelous. And on top of that you’re positively gorgeous…*swoon

My fav collection of Days 2 & 3 combined.

Hawt (The Good):


JEWELRY!! Do you notice the big earrings/rings? LOVES. So so me. Cute booties too.

Leather done RIGHT. WANT the middle jacket!

Ultra-feminine dresses.


Urban outerwear.


Yet again, perfect urban outerwear.

Slouchy sweaters.

Horrid (The Bad):

Never did like pinstripe. Won’t start liking it now. Sorry Yigal.

Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

Complete leather shirt and button-down pajamas? You must be kidding.

What is this blob of a dress? Shapeless. Colorless. Life-less. = Big fat NO. And on top of that it’s made of some sort of suede texture….ughhh.


There’s no point of even looking at the rest of the collection. We all know Siriano is best at gowns. So stick to that will you sweetie? We know you’re fierce…but perhaps anything other than oscar-worthy gowns (ok, ok, and maybe shoes) isn’t your strong point. Just saying….

Hawt (The Good):

Gowns. Period. Although the second gown looks strikingly familiar to the Versace that Penelope Cruz wore to the Oscars, no?

Horrid (The Bad):

To be honest. I seriously did not even like the rest of the collection. It was a huge mess. And please, someone explain to me what’s going on with these shoes? Siriano is known to make ferosh shoes, but these gladiator-mess of a heel are quite disappointing. The dress….wellllll…..*crickets*

Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

And thissss my friends, sums up the rest of his collection. Ghastly.


Hawt (The Good):


80s inspired color-blocked pieces.

Comfy whites and grays.


Old-school attire.

Polished pullovers. Slight 80s sinpired, urban zip-ups.

Horrid (The Bad):


Wtf hats.

Chopped-off ties.



Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

A tube sock as a dress. A carpet/rug as a dress. And, um, camel-toe enhancing leggings?


Hawt (The Good):

Shearling jackets paired with dresses and modern sweats.

Short quirky dresses. Long painter-esque dresses.

Horrid (The Bad):

When styling goes bad/hobo.

Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

All the wrong material.

**So, my loves, tell me. What did you love? What did you hate? Agree? Disagree? Go on, spill it.**



Photos: Taken from Style.com, edited by me.


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