Good Attempt…Bad Fit

Let’s take a break from NYFW coverage and hop over to London were fashion week is still in full bloom.  Speaking about “full”….as could be expected, Canadian designer Mark Fast has yet again used fuller figured models to attract attention to his runway show (as he first did, breaking ground, with his Spring 2010 show).

Here’s a few words from the designer, as to why he has chosen to continue with his mix of “plus” size models with the standard of extremely-thin models:

“It is important for me to continue using curvier models because there needs to be an understanding that my clothes are for all body shapes. There are real women out there that want to be able to escape into the fantasy of fashion just like everyone else regardless of their size.” – Mark Fast (as taken from

Now, let’s keep in mind, Fast is known for his every-single-curve-hugging knitwear. Which we can plainly see…

Good attempt Fast. Being a curvy woman myself, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing more normal-sized girls represented in the fashion industry. But please, next time keep in mind that it’s good to show off curves with one’s clothing, it’s another thing to be busting out of them. This isn’t just for the bigger girls in your show…we know something is absolutely wrong with the fitting when a skinny model looks strangled by her outfit…

Oh and how is it even possible to make what is probably my favorite model, Crystal Renn, who is drop-dead-gorgeous, look…well…just-plain-dead.

Can we liven the hair and makeup up a bit? K, thankx.

Fast’s runway show: Revolutionary? Or publicity stunt?

Is he trying to change the way we think about fashion? Or is he just an attention-seeker, aimed at getting more coverage for a collection that’s simply not up to par with the rest?

Thoughts? Please sound off. I’m curious to know all of your opinions.



Photos: Taken from, edited by me.

6 thoughts on “Good Attempt…Bad Fit

  1. OMG this looks more like an attempt to sabotage the whole movement for fuller models.
    When I started reading this, I was like, what a great idea… and then I saw the pictures. Way to make everyone look like they were trying to fit into their little sister’s clothes! Love Handles central! There are many ways to make a curvy woman look fashionable and beautiful but body hugging knits just ain’t it!
    I’m going to guess this is a publicity stunt gone wrong. No one in their right minds will want to buy these clothes

  2. I think you’re right – it would be awesome if the models (of ALL shapes and sizes used in the show) looked great in the clothes. Sadly, they all look like participating in a wet t-shirt contest.

    This guy wouldn’t even be getting noticed if it weren’t for this “stunt.” The clothes are ill-fitting and UGLY!

    • Exactly what i was thinking. It seems as though he’s just using the “plus” size girls to grab attention due to the lack of quality/creativity in his own line! Very sad.

  3. Nice attempt to break a rule and give audience a new way of viewing orthodox fashion world. Everyone know first attempt is always the toughest one and I could see criticism already coming up..however salute to you Mark Fast.. you rock.

    • Yes, it’s nice he’s breaking the “rules,” I’ll agree with you on that. BUT, this isn’t the first time he uses bigger girls to model for his shows! He did so on his previous collection. It’s just sad his clothes and the fitting couldn’t be better to suit all of the women involved.

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