NYFW Round-up: Day 1

—-DAY 1: Thursday, February 11, 2010—-


Get in my closet!!!! Urban delight.

Hawt (The Good):

Lessons in perfect street-wear:

1. Belts are not just for your waist, dahling. Get creative:

2. Use a poncho and modern jacket to cover-up:

3. Pair white with gray:

4. Remember, comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing style:

*OMG! Want want wantttt the entire outfit on the right!! So me!

Horrid (The Bad):

Maybe I’m being too traditional….but garter belts are meant to stay inside outer clothing. Oh and that white/black jacket, too Halloween-esque for me.

Hahaha, no…just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

Props to Gwen! It was extremely difficult finding flaws in her collection. Just about loved every piece.


Probably my favorite show for Day 1. What I love about it is that it’s actually wearable – aka TRUE RTW(Ready To Wear) fashion!

Hawt (The Good):

Short and long dream-like dresses, casual tops with a dash of metallic detailing, and comfy wrap tops.

Great transitional pieces from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter.

Horrid (The Bad):

I feel bad naming these pieces horrid, but hey they were the worst of the collection in my opinion. I honestly have no clue what’s going on with that velvet knotted mess and please, no woman wants to wear a tent…unless they purposely want to look bloated. Ok, ok, maybe the tent dress has a use….for pregnant women….I guess…

Hahaha…no, just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

None! Overall the collection was pretty solid!


Oh hi, I didn’t know anything about you…but I pretty much fell in love with your flirty, feminine pieces. *swoon

Hawt (The Good):

Award show/Oscar-worthy gowns. Crisp, simple, gold embellishments.

The Classics, refined. Basic black and white gets a feminine twist. High-collared blazer paired with sultry low-cut top and a curve hugging pencil skirt. A black-tee gets upgraded with a voluminous floor sweeping skirt.

Get spotted…whilst looking like the ultra lady.

Horrid (The Bad):

Perfect example of when too much can be…well…wayyyy too much. The following is a hot mess of fabrics piled on top of each other. Please explain to me what that extra fabric is doing dangling from the skirts?  She looks like she got tangled up in curtains and ended up like this…

Styling gone wrong….Looks like she packed on an extra 50lbs…Poor girl can’t even walk straight in her heels due to the fug-ness of it all. I want to rip that jacket off as it’s ugly-fying what looks like a beautiful skirt/dress.

Hahaha…no, just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

Why? Just, why? I really don’t think I need any explanations for this.


Hawt (The Good):

The Bohemian Sophisticate.

A sweatshirt with a long dress? Who knew.

Horrid (The Bad):

Items that are not necessary in the following pix: the animal around the model’s neck, suspenders on a dress, the tail protruding out of the model’s side.

Hahaha, …no, just no (The Just Plain Ugly):

Can we talk about these earrings?…Better not to.

So, what was your favorite OR most abhorred pieces of Day 1? Do tell.



Photos: Taken from Style.com, NYMag.com, and MBFashionWeek.com. Edited by yours truly.


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