It’s Fashion Week Dahlings

Ahhhh fashion week, the best time of the year to drool over a parade of loads and loads of new clothes that cost infinite amounts of $$.

You know what I’m talking about, all that flashy glitz and glamour: the fashion shows, the insanely gorgeous – yet utterly stick-thin – people, and that other-worldly aura that is now hovering over Bryant Park and currently invading my twitter stream.

What else is a fashion-obsessed blogger like me supposed to do but ooooo and ahhhh over the pretty pretty pieces of artwork/masterpieces….oh yeah…write about them…

So here goes.

I’ll pick my fav designers/shows out of each day and my fav pieces out of each collection.

I’ve broken down each collection into 3 categories: “Hawt” (aka The Good), “Horrid” (aka The Bad), and “Hahaha…no, just no” (aka The Just Plain Ugly), in hopes to give a well-rounded and opinionated view of the best collections. Cause we all know that my opinion is utterly of high importance. Obviously. 😉

Feel free to leave your comments with what you liked, didn’t like, if you agree with me or think I’m entirely crazy. All opinions are welcome dahlings!

I will start posting up my reviews ASAP (as soon as I finish gathering the best pix, add a little pizazz to them, etc etc).

I’ve included a schedule just fyi:

*Clicky clicky for bigger version..and also pdf version here*



P.S. Just a reminder, do check out the tents if you have the chance, as they’ll no longer be at Bryant Park in future seasons. Fashion Week is moving to Lincoln Center…in other words, no more tents! *tear. Buh-bye tents, you’ve had a long and successful run 1993-2010, we shall miss you!



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