I’ve always had a love of photography.  It started with the oh-so-pretty pictures I’d admire while flipping through fashion magazines, and continued with the fun I had at picking up a camera and capturing the world around me.  I never really delved into this passion or paid much attention to the beauty of it until recently. (Thank yoouuuu to my photographer friends!)  I have always been the writer; the one to put down in words the world around me, the emotions I feel inside me.  Photography is similar, yet incredibly unique in its own right.  The ability to capture the world around you and immortalize it forever is simply…amazing.  Not to mention how you can view everyday simplicities in a whole new light when you take a shot from a certain angle or highlight details through specific lighting.  Photography is a modern artwork…well, not so modern, but you get the idea.

About a week or so ago I went to NYC just to pop into a few stores and spend some quality time with two friends of mine. Afterwards we took a stroll in Hoboken along the waterside.  Let me tell you, the view to NYC just across the bay at night is truly gorgeous.  That night in particular had a special aura to it, with the fog gently caressing the buildings, allowing their light to shine through in a curious way.  These photos are the result of that night.  They were taken by my photographer friend, Pushparaj Aitwal, and posted on his blog which you can view here.  He’s quite the talented photog if I do say so myself.  Oh and if you were wondering, yes that is me and my friend walking in the first photo.

Enjoy and please do check out my friend’s blog.  Maybe you too will fall in love with the art of photography, or hey, at least take a second to marvel at the beauty around us.



Photos: Pushparaj Aitwal’s Tumblr


3 thoughts on “Hoboken

  1. I’m truly honored Lorena, wow! I’m getting free publicity here:)), thanks a lot… simply love your writing.. :)))

  2. Cool pics – love Hoboken!

    And on a semi-related note: Have you picked the Feb issue of Vogue yet? There’s a photoshoot of Diddy and Natalia in it and one of the shots was taken in Hoboken’s train station (which is ADORE btw)!

    • Yesss!! Love that u noticed that too! I actually chose the Hoboken train station for a photography project I had to do for my multimedia class. Glad I’m on the same page as Vogue haha.

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