Another “Plus-Size” Issue

Here we go again.

V magazine has jumped in on the trend and has dedicated its January issue to “plus-size” models. In an attempt to prove that “everybody is beautiful” (as said by editor Stephen Gan), the mag shows a waif thin model side-by-side with a so-called “plus-size” model (in reality, I don’t see anything “plus-size” about her). Just in case you’re curious, here are their measurements:

  • Jacquelyn (left): 5 ft, 9 in; 32/24/34
  • Crystal Renn (right): 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41

Despite both wearing the same designer clothes, in my opinion, the “big girl” rocks it way more than her skinny counterpart.

It’s nice that magazines are featuring “bigger” girls, but why go out and specifically call an issue “special” just because of the fact that you’re using normal-sized girls. Why not make this a common thing? There’s not one ideal size, one ideal weight, or one ideal image of beauty. Why use one standard type of model repeatedly?

As Amy Odell (love her!) wrote in a recent post: “When magazines devote entire issues to that thing that they’ve shunned, it has the effect of tokenizing it.”

Let’s not shun the curvier girls in society.

V, I applaud you for your attempt at recognizing a broader range of beauty. But, would it hurt to include all types of models from now on?

Next time try harder.

Baby steps.



Source: The Cut


2 thoughts on “Another “Plus-Size” Issue

  1. The curvier model definitely rocks the looks harder…but don’t they always?? Outfits ALWAYS look better on a body that fills it out. It’s always perplexed me how the fashion industry were the only ones u couldn’t recognize that.

    The “plus size” model and I have about the same measurements, and I’ve honestly always pitied the standard waif models because I enjoy feeling like a woman… and I highly doubt that’s something they are privileged to experience.


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