Winter Wardrobe Inspiration: VB Edition

When it comes to fashion, can Victoria ever do wrong? This woman’s life is a runway show; one filled with killer heels, perfectly tailored dresses and to-die-for shades.

Just recently, I was browsing through the latest paparazzi pix of her and truth be told I am falling more and more in love with her. God, I’d love to raid her closet (too bad most of the clothes would be entirely too small, as she’s oh-so-skinny, but hey, I wouldn’t mind borrowing some of her extensive collection of Hermes). What I love most about her is that she can look just as dressed up in a gown as in a pair of jeans. Not to mention that she’s quite chameleonic, switching up hairstyles just as quickly as she switches from formal to casual wear. (Just a tip from me love, stick to your current style, the length and delicate curls gives you such a feminine touch that I absolutely adore).

For this and so so much more she’s my current style inspiration (or should I say forever girl crush).

To add my personal touch to similar outfits I’d add more ankle boots, scarves and comfy hats when the temperature dips to unbearable degrees. Hey, she’s in LA and I’m here in NYC, quite the temp difference.

(Ummm….how ferosh does she look?! Posing courtside at a basketball game. Girl knows how to WERQ it!…Let’s not even start to talk about those shoes….*drool)

**In other VB news, her new jeans line is on Net-A-Porter with some pieces already being sold out. Oh & rumor has it that she’s in talks with theeee Marc Jacobs to do a new accessories line. Yes, please!

More close-up pix after the jump. Just because the detailing of her clothes/accessories must be shown.

Enjoy loves.

So, do tell, who’s your current style inspiration?



The detailing on the dress is ridiculous. It has a zipper closure running down the entire back as well. Oh and btw, it’s from her own collection, but of course.

Ring. Bag. Watch. Shades. = WANT.

And I just had to…look at his expression a la “Mummy please stop posing, this is getting a bit much.”

Photos: JustJared


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