Hot Daddy

So, what’s better than a hot footballer you ask? How ’bout a hot footballer holding cute babies? No? Doesn’t do it for you? Well maybe this pic helps….

How bout this one?…

Or maybe this one?..

Ok I’ll stop now. Mainly because I ran out of pix otherwise we’d be here all day.

So, what’s with the cute daughters wearing Gerrard’s uniform on the pitch you ask? No, Liverpool didn’t start scouting uber-young players. It was actually Stevie’s 500th game with Liverpool. Hot dayum. Congrats Stevie! For such a long career in el club de tus amores (translation: club of your heart, your beloved club…oh you get the idea) AND for producing such adorable offspring. What wonderful genes you have! Haaaa.



Photos: Kickette


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