Lingerie and Futbol

Yes, I know, thought you’d never see those two combine, did you?

Surprise, surprise, Real Madrid has come out with a new lingerie/underwear line. Now you can woo your man by wearing his (and yours, but of course) favorite team emblem on your most…ummm….intimate parts. A man must have thought this up….

But don’t you worry, your special man won’t be left out with special tighty whities for him too.

Now if they just got the players to model….sales would skyrocket.

The line will consist of 3 different sets: a more sporty cotton kind in white and black, another cotton with images referencing Real Madrid (hmmm I wonder what that can be), and a more upscale/sophisticated kind in a lacey material. All will be available in official Real Madrid stores (for those in Spain) and online (for the rest of us).

How odd, I was in need of some new scanty duds….





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