Happy Anniversary Baby!!


Iker played his 100th game with the Spanish National Team today.What better way to celebrate than by winning, no? (Spain beat Argentina 2-1 at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid).

Damn does time fly. I remember his debut with the selection when he was just a baby faced (sans beard) 19-year-old, and the A M A Z I N G World Cup he played in 2002. Who can forget the nervous looking Ik blocking penalties and leaving us all dumbfounded. My “who the hell is that kid?!” was soon replaced by total reverance to “San Iker” (Saint Iker, as he’s been nicknamed).

With more than a few trophies under his belt with Real Madrid and the National Team (La Liga, the Eurocup in 2008), endless individual honors and even a “street” named after his mother I just have to say….


I think the legendary Manolo Escobar clearly agrees with me:

Oh…did we mention Ik is just 28? Which means the best is yet to come (World Cup, anyone?).

*Btw, the pic above is Iker doning Zamora’s (Spain legend of the 20s-30s) typical uniform. One more pic after the jump just for your viewing pleasure. God I love anything retro…and Iker, from head-to-toe retro…me quedo sin palabras.

**Just a side note: can Iker dress like this ALL the time?!…well maybe the upper half….the hat and tight sweater combo is perfection. This is definitely an improvement from a man who’s been known to not know how to dress his studdly self. Oh, the wonders a stylist can make. Now all he needs is a personal stylist to maintain this guapo status on a daily basis. You know I’d be more than willing to fill that position ;]

I digress…

Felicidades amor!! Sigue asi campeon! Te queremos!




Photos: As.com


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