My Dell laptop does not want to cooperate.
Frustrating. Yes. But this has made me realize how much we depend on technology these days. The countless hours I spend on Facebook alone is…pathetic. Don’t even get me started on the hours I can spend catching up on what seems like an endless amount of blogs on my GoogleReader.
I semi went into panic mood when I couldn’t get onto the internet. Leaving me to rely on my Blackberry to keep in touch with the world.
How addicted we are to technology.
These days have made me realize all the little details I’ve been missing out on all that time I’ve been glued behind a comp screen.
Its currently raining outside. I’m sorting through old photo albums and letters from friends. (handwritten are still the best kind). Listening to the radio on my old stereo (god, when was the last time I’ve done that) anddddd taking periodic breaks to listen to the rain’s pitterpatter (spelling?).
Sometimes we just have to turn everything off and listen, really listen, to the world around us.
Now time to silence my phone and get to reading…a real book. Just like I used to…ah the good ol’ days.
God I sound old.


Photo: Allure Confessions of a Beauty Editor.

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