Currently i’m stuck in my room, overwhelmed by the massive stacks of magazines that have piled up in just a few months. I tend to not like throwing away old items. Everything has a sentimental value, a meaning or a story of some kind attached to it. Magazines are a whole other story. They’re like pretty picture books filled with inspirational art. You can imagine the state I’m in now….having to get rid of a chunk of the stack next to my bed that has reached my pillow’s side….hey, at least I think it makes a cute artsy decoration…..maybe i’ll just hide them somehow…hmmm.
Anywayyyyyy….forgive me for the lack of posts as of late. I’m remodeling my room. Painting, hanging drawings and paintings I bought from street artists in Santiago de Compostela and at El Rastro in Madrid andddd I’m planning to use loads of black and white Spanish postcards to make a collage-ish piece on my closet doors. Time to take down old magazine ripped out pages and turn my room into a classy, grad pad.
Out with the old, in with the new.
This post turned out entirely longer than expected….
Ta ta dahlings as I get back to lookin somewhat like the included pic.


P.S. First post submitted via my Blackberry’s wordpress app thingie…let’s hope this thing works…
P.P.S. This just reminded me….I need to get loads of picture frames. *makes mental note

Photo: ad in nylon nov. 2008 issue.

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