Inspiration: Retro-chic


I feel like it’s time to revamp my style. Having this in mind, a revampment cannot be complete without an upgrade in the eyeglasses department.

Yes. I wear glasses. Have been since I was in the 5th grade. I currently own 3 pairs. Red ray-bans. Brown/gold Versaces. Black & white stripped Vogues, with a sprinkle of rhinestones on the side.

Yes. I know. I have enough pairs to switch it up on a daily basis.

Yet I am not satisfied.

I need a retro-chic pair to add to my collection.

And this is when my Paul McCartney inspiration comes in.

I’m very picky when it comes to eyeglasses. I mean…it’s an accesory…for your face. Quite important, no? I used to loathe wearing glasses in the past.  Don’t you remember those ungodly, circular/squarish/rectanglish metal trimmed ones? *shivers. Thank the fashion gods for remembering that us so called “nerds” care about our appearance as well. If you’re rocking a vision enhancement, might as well enhance your style while your at it. Maybe this is my fashionista way of thinking. Ah well.

Anyway back to my original train of thought.

Pauly, I want to steal your glasses. I wish I could take a time machine and snatch them off his adorable face. Haaaaaa.

I’ve been on a quest for similar glasses for I don’t know how long now. Yet I still remain a bit timid as it’s a huge leap for my everyday look. Will it overwhelm my face? Would I look chic or just plain dorky? Gahhhhh! Questions. Questions. Questions.

I just hope that when I do find the perfect pair, I’ll look as effortlessly chic as this:




P.S. Do any of you have any specific brands or places you would recommend to get a similar pair? I would LOVE you forever!

Photos: StyleCaster, Original single photo of Paul, before I got all creative on it.. from:


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Retro-chic

  1. I think Ray Ban Wayfarers are the way to go for this look and as much as I love it, it is one of those not for everyone things 😦
    I really like the ones Brad (as in Rachel Zoe’s Brad) wears.. he says which ones they are all the time on his Twitter but now I forget. Either way.. I’ve seen this type of frame on vintage stores too.. u can buy them and then take the frames to get the prescription lenses fitted to them. Did u try Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn? Best vintage store EVER I bet u can find something there 🙂
    Just make sure they fit ur face and ur not just buying them bc they’re hip (not that u would ever commit that kind of faux pas, of course) bc i don’t care who he is, Jay Z looks like Erkel in those damn things!

  2. Look in the men’s section! My bff was looking for something similar, but all the ladies’ frames she found in our local Lenscrafters weren’t boxy/big enough for her – so she went into the men’s section and found a great pair of frames!

    Good luck on your quest for the perfect pair!

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