If I were a Gossip Girl…

…I’d let Marchesa dress me ALL the time.


Point proven.

Oh Blake and her Barbie-esque figure/looks.

Love it dahling.


Although I am torn on the shoes. The nude shoe does give the illusion of mile-high stems, and who am I kidding, Blake doesn’t fall short in that department. Buttttt, this dress calls for a more edgy look, in which I side more with the original, model runway look. My wild-side is craving the bad-girlness to amp up this to-die-for dress……It’s the furry skirt that’s doing it.

What’s with me and elegant diva clashes with rock star looks lately?…

New alter-ego?….*ponders*….Whatevs.



P.S. I feel like I need to make a whole new series of posts: a la “runway to real life…”….”runway to red carpet…”….. hmmm….

Photos: JustJared, Style.com

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